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Drum Bum is one of the largest and most popular drum sites on the internet.
Click on any of the links below for tons of tips, info., drum lessons, products, and more.

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  • Drum Bum is... - What exactly is Drum Bum anyway. Clink on this link to find out.
  • Contact Drum Bum - Click the link for contact information on Drum Bum, Inc.
  • Music Without Drums - One of our newer pages featuring cds and such that feature "you" on drums!
  • Drum Bum FAQ - This link will provide answers to all your questions related to purchasing from us.
  • Gift Certificates - Don't know what drums gifts to buy them? Consider a Drum Bum gift certificate.
  • Cool Drumsticks - Drum Bum carries some of the most unique, novelty drumsticks on the market.
  • About Drum Bum - Learn some things about Drum Bum... who we are and what we do.
  • What's New - This page covers most everything that's new at Drum Bum. Check back as it's updated.
  • Drum Stickers - We have some of the coolest drum stickers and decals around. Check it out!
  • Drummer Tshirts - Drum Bum features drum related T-shirts and swag with cool pictures and sayings.
  • Drum Posters - Find drum posters, drummer wall hangings, and cool drum signs at Drum Bum!
  • Drum Accessories - Check out all the cool, unique drum accessories for drummers at Drum Bum!
  • Promotional Drums - Promotional items with a drum theme. Custom drum promotional products.
  • Drum Clearance - A list, with pics, of some of the clearance items in our store at any given time.
  • Who's wearing our Shirts - Check out the drummers and artists that our wearing our T-shirts.
  • Custom Drumsticks - Get custom personalized drumsticks with your drummer's name on them.
  • Kid's Drumsets - See our kids drums and kids drumsets in a quick, helpful comparison guide.
  • Drum Blog - Check out Drum Bum's new drum blog. Cool blog on drums, drummers, and more.
  • Join Mailing List - Join the Drum Bum mailing list and be eligible to win a free t-shirt and more.


  • Drums Glossary - Check out a drum glossary containing important terms for the drum industry.
  • Drum DVDs - You'll find tons of drum DVDs at Drum Bum that will help you learn to play drums.
  • Drum Tips - Think you know a lot about drums? Click on this link for tons of drum tips for drummers.
  • Drum Lessons - Access thousands of free drum lessons at Drum Bum's drum lessons database.
  • Life Lessons - Learn what's really important in life. Apply these life lessons and be a real success.
  • Drum Questions - Get some of your drumming questions answered at our "Ask the Editor" page.
  • Drum Bum on Facebook - Join the #1 drumming brand on Facebook. Drum Bum's facebook page!
  • Drumset Books - Search Drum Bum for drum books on every drumming subject you can think of.
  • How to Buy Drums - Need help with purchasing a drumset. See our "How to Buy Drums" guide.
  • Inside Drum Bum - Take a peek inside Drum Bum. See our offices and some of our employees.
  • Drum Bum on Twitter - Join us on Twitter and "tweet" about drums 'til your little heart's content.
  • Drum Classifieds - Looking for used drums or drumsets? Find used drum gear at our classifieds.
  • Awards and Accolade - We're proud of our progress. Check out our drumming accolades page.
  • Drummer Gifts - Shop for gifts for the drummer in your life. Drum Bum has thousands of gift ideas.
  • Link to Drum Bum - If you like our website and would like to link to us, please visit this page.
  • Drum Tabs - Drum Bum features the largest Drum Tabs database on the internet. A don't miss!
  • Free Drums Stuff - Check out links to free drum gear and related offerings. Sign up to win a free tshirt.
  • Free Drum Videos - This awesome part of the site features tons of free drum lesson videos!
  • Fun Drum Stuff - Some of the funniest stuff on the net pertaining to drums, drummers, and drumming.
  • Speed Drumming - Learn about speed drumming, WFD, the Drumometer, and more on speed.
  • Drum Companies - Check out the most popular drums. See major drum companies and their websites.
  • Cymbal Companies - See who the major drum companies are and find links to their websites.
  • Top Drum Books - Learn about the popular drums and drumming books that have stood the test of time.
  • Drum Solos - Check out these awesome drum solos from respected drummers in the industry.
  • Motivation - Get motivated on the drums! Read our short guide for setting drum goals.
  • Punk Drumming - Read some awesome punk drumming tips by punk drummer, Charlie Platt.
  • Drum Links - Links to the industry related to drums manufacturers, sticks, cases, drum schools, etc.
  • Paradiddle Exercises - Take one of the most popular drum rudiments and apply it to the drums.
  • Practicing Drums - This list of drum practicing ideas is a great help to drummers everywhere.
  • Drum Networking - If you don't ever leave the house, you won't ever get hired. A great little piece.
  • Drum and Bass - Learn all about drum and bass. An in depth drums article by DJ Rican.
  • Song Form - A terrific drums article by pro drummer, Phil Smith about song form, lyrics, and style.
  • Professionalism - A cool article by pro drummer, Mat Marucci about professionalism and drumming.
  • The Buzz Roll - Learn some secrets to playing the buzz roll on the drums. This will help clarify.
  • Double Bass Drums - All you need to know about double bass drumming. Tons of stuff here.
  • How to tune drums - Learn how to tune your drums. This site features the best drum tuning links.
  • Bo Diddley Beat - Learn how to play the Bo Diddley beat on the drums. History and more.
  • Kids Drumsets - Don't miss the cool kids drumsets and other drums and percussion for kids.
  • Second Line Drumming - Learn about second line drumming in this informative drums article.
  • Practicing Drums - A list of 20 thought-provoking questions that help with the mindset of practicing.
  • The Bolero - Learn how to play the bolero with this drums article, featuring notation and audio.
  • Drummer of the Year - See our very own "Drum Bum" of the year. You'll like M'liss's ride!
  • Music Gifts - Music gifts for all musicians... guitar players, bass players, piano players, and more.
  • National Drumming Day - It's our special day. Learn about National Drumming Day.

Cool Websites

  • DrumChat.com - Chat about drums, drummers, drumsets, percussion and more at DrumChat.com.
  • Drumming on Facebook - All things "drumming" are discussed at the Facebook drumming site.
  • Drum Lessons - Find drum lessons by the pros sorted by media type. Drums DVDs, Books, CDs.
  • Drum Rudiments - Do you know your drum rudiments. See all 40 drum rudiments live on video.
  • Guitar Gifts - Want to buy a gift for the guitar player in your band. Don't miss GuitarGifts.com.
  • Drumming.com - The Drumming.com network houses some of the finest drum websites online.
  • Drumsticks.org - Everything that you ever wanted to know about drumsticks and more.
  • DrumTips.com - The ultimate site for drum tips. Over 2000 drum tips and still growing. Submit yours!
  • Drumming Up Support ... for a better world. Join us on our Facebook site for this great cause!
  • DrumJokes.com - A quick laugh to brighten your day. Check out drummer jokes at DrumJokes.com.
  • Drum Gear - The name says it all. Find cool, unique drum gear, drum swag and drums accessories.
  • Drum Play Alongs - Find music without drums so that you can play along with your favorite band.
  • Drummer T-shirts - This site presents our drummer t-shirts selection solely. Lots of designs on shirts.

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